At last!

A tribute to the pioneers and the innovators of the Greek electronic sound, accompanied by the most important new artists and bands' current releases, is ready to be broadcasted every Wednesday, between 22:00 and 24:00 local time (international listeners make the conversions...yourselves!), via's binalog frequency!
Yiannis Xenakis, Llena Platonos, Vangelis, Stereo Nova, K.Beta, M.Delta, Coti, Raw/iON, Nikko Patrelakis, Yosebu, Tsotsonis, Diamantopoulos, Chromatic Sequence, Elica and...phew!
...many many others, beloved musicians and producers, will fill your Wednesdays' evenings with unique electronic sounds.

Just because..."Greeks do it better"!

(don't forget Friday's 00's rotation; plenty of fresh Greek electronics in the playlist!).